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USA and the Dominican Republic face off at Newport

The spirit of the Caribbean was present at Newport International Polo Grounds as USA (Sam Clemens, Dan Keating, Rory Tory, Jim DeAngelis) faced off against the Dominican Republic (Mauricio Bogaert, Alexander Schad, Agustín Arestizabal, Rafael Castillo) in an international test match. After six cutthroat chukkers USA emerged victorious with a score of 9 - 7.

Dan Keating set the tone for the match with a goal in the first minute, but Alexander Schad quickly put the DR on the board too. The Americans took a two-goal advantage from the penalty line during the second chukker. USA was determined to keep their lead in the third, but the Dominican team was relentless in their quest for victory. Rory Torrey scored the first goal of the chukker, but Agustín Arestizabal, from Polo Club Punta Cana, sent the ball flying through the goalposts. Going into half time, the Americans were in the lead, but everything was yet to be decided as the second half was coming up.

The Dominican Republic opened the second half with a goal from Arestizabal, but Sam Clemens and Jim DeAngelis responded in kind. Schad kept the DR's fighting chance alive with another goal to end the chukker 7 - 5. The fifth chukker was marked by incredible defensive plays coming from both USA and the DR, and no player was able to break through to score on either side.

Coming down to the wire, Torrey had the first goal of the chukker with Schad scoring for the DR on a runaway goal. Not 45 seconds later, Torrey scored off of an incredible offensive play, but the DR would fight tooth and nail until the bell rang, just after Mauricio Bogaert scored for his home country. In the end, the USA emerged victorious with a score of 9 - 7.

Photo: Newport Polo Club / Cocoa & Co.


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