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A super partnership!

Global Polo TV has announced a new partnership with the Argentine Polo Association that gives GPTV exclusive rights to offer the 2021 Triple Crown to viewers in the United States and Canada. GPTV will also promote the Triple Crown to its viewers around the world.

Global Polo TV and the Argentine Polo Association will team up to feature the 2021 Triple Crown in the United States and Canada

Global Polo TV, the leading international polo network and subsidiary of USPA Global Licensing, has announced a new partnership with the Argentine Polo Association that gives GPTV exclusive rights to offer the 2021 Triple Crown to viewers in the United States and Canada. GPTV will also promote the Triple Crown to its viewers around the world.

This is another step forward for GPTV, a platform that was launched just before the pandemic and which offers its subscribers some of the best polo content in the world. Special shows, historic matches, as well as live events that this year included not only the Gauntlet of Polo but also the best tournaments in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the Argentine Polo Association to expand the coverage of these prestigious events to our GPTV subscribers and to other global markets through the World of Polo Series. This initiative is the foundation of a long-term partnership between the leading polo markets in the world,” said J. Michael Prince, President and CEO of USPA Global Licensing .

Fans of polo can gain access to exclusive live Spanish and English language coverage as well as hundreds of hours of historical content from the Triple Crown offered by Global Polo TV. This includes The World of Polo, Inside the Boards and Best of the Week content series as well as extensive programme archives in The Vault all offered for free on Global Polo TV,


One of the most attractive Triple Crowns in years

The English high-goal season finished last week, although many of the top players in the world were already competing in France and Spain. With eight teams already confirmed and another seven fighting tooth and nail for the two remaining tickets, the 2021 Triple Crown promises to be one of the most attractive in many years.

La Dolfina will try to defend their title for the ninth consecutive time with polo legend Adolfo Cambiaso as their leader. However, with Francisco Elizalde and Diego Cavanagh replacing Pablo Mac Donough and Juan Martin Nero, they will have a total of 38 goals and, for the first time in a decade, they will not start the competition as favorites.

RS Murus Sanctus have stepped up, bringing in MacDonough and Nero from La Dolfina. With 10-goaler Sapo Caset and Facundo Sola they are, for many, the team to beat this year. The same can be said about Ellerstina. The Pieres brothers' team already showed what they are capable of doing last year, especially when playing alongside Hilario Ulloa. La Nativdad, with Polito Pieres, Nachi Du Plessis and Camilo and Barto Castagnola, are also among the favourite teams.

Matías Callejo/AAP

GPTV will promote the 2021 Triple Crown from August to December with each event consisting of elite polo players from around the world competing in the Tortugas Country Club Open (9/26 to 10/10), Hurlingham Club Open (10/27 to 11/13) and Argentine Polo Open Championship (11/14 to 12/11), as well as notable tournaments lie the Women's Argentine Polo Open and the rest of the High Goal Polo Season in Argentina (The Municipalidad de Pilar Cup, The Camara de Diputados Tournament and The Qualifiers to Palermo). The Triple Crown will also be featured in the monthly World of Polo series presented by US Polo Assn. and produced and distributed by GPTV.


Taking the best polo to new audiences

The Argentine Triple Crown is the best polo series in the world and, in the last few years, the Argentine Polo Association has been trying to expand their horizons and show this product to new viewers around the globe. This intensified last year with the pandemic, as the public wasn’t allowed to attend the first part of the season and just a few hundreds of locals where fortunate enough to visit Palermo.

Photo: Guadalupe Aizaga

“We've been talking with the USPA for a long time now. They have Global Polo TV which is a pay per view system that is very interesting for us. The deal we made gives GPTV the opportunity to offer the Triple Crown to their subscribers which is highly beneficial for us as it gives us in return the chance to enter a new environment of people that are very interested in polo,” Lucas Adur, CEO of the Argentine Polo Association, told CLICKPOLO. “We know just how passionate the polo audience is and we’re looking forward to bringing this great event to our viewers in North America and around the world. We believe in long term relationships, and this is the beginning of a new era for great content, cutting-edge technology and new ways for fan engagement,” Lucas Adur added.


Argentine Triple Crown, another milestone for Global Polo TV

With the most exciting Argentine Triple Crown in many years just ahead, almost 11 thousand people from the United States and Canada will be just one click away from watching every minute of the competition thanks to the new deal between the Argentine Polo Association (“AAP”) and Global Polo TV (“GPTV”). Launched in January 2020, GPTV developed a strategic marketing plan and partnered with several clubs, polo outlets and polo players, attracting thousands of new subscribers to the new platform in a very short period of time. “The goal has always been to build as much awareness for Global Polo TV and to make it the one destination that has thousands of hours of content. In January of 2021, we began charging--for live games only--and we still saw an increase in subscribers due to the custom polo content that we have on the platform,” Shannon Stilson, AVP of Marketing from USPA Global Licensing told CLICKPOLO. -Shannon, can you tell us more about the partnership between GPTV and the AAP?

"The relationship with the AAP is very important because as leaders in polo it is our job to deliver the game not only to polo fans but to a wider audience. We have always said that Global Polo TV is the premier destination for polo, and this partnership allows us to truly create a non-fragmented polo world where old polo fans and new polo fans can come together to watch live games, interviews, and horse stories, all in one place and available on multiple devices. What we are doing is exposing polo to a wider audience, and in so doing, the platform becomes one piece of the puzzle that, along with strategic partnerships, puts the full picture together for our audiences around the world. Working together is our goal." -What does GPTV mean for American polo? "The promotion and the exposure of polo is very important for our strategic goals because US Polo Assn. is the authentic brand for the sport in the United States and has the opportunity to share the lifestyle through content development and through storytelling. We recently started airing World of Polo, a series of 30-minute episodes presented by US Polo Assn. on beIN Sports, Horse & Country and Rural Channel. Each episode features interesting stories about polo from around the world. For our brand, leveraging polo content around the world allows us to share not just the games, but the traditions, clubs, players, and equine partners, with potential polo fans everywhere." -Besides the 2021 Argentine Triple Crown, will GPTV feature other related content? "Yes, after a successful Gauntlet of Polo tournament and our global broadcast of the U.S. Open Polo Championship, which garnered 6.5M viewers, we have expanded our strategic partnerships which include the Cartier Queen’s Cup and the Prince of Wales Cup in England, as well as the German Polo Championship in Berlin, and we are continuing to look for strategic partners that see value in the platform and our audience. Currently 42% of the audience is from the United States with the rest being global. We have high engagement of our content and newsletters and look forward to continuing to provide offerings through both polo subscriptions, pay to view and free content."


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