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"I think I can try to accomplish more of my dreams now, like playing in England or Argentina&qu

Not even half the year has gone by, but 2018 has already given a lot to Grant Ganzi. He played a lot of polo in the Wellington season, including his first participation in the US Open, and now he's one of the new members of TEAM USPA. No doubts, a lot for one of the young promises of American polo.

"Playing the US OPEN was one of my dreams since I was young. I think I can try to accomplish more of my dreams now, like playing in England or Argentina," said Grant about the most important tournament outside of Argentina.

The new 9 members of TEAM USPA were published last week, and Grant was one of them. "I'm very happy. I always wanted to be part of TEAM USPA and learn from Adam Snow and Owen Rinehart. I want to play the FIP for the US. I think being part of Team USPA is a good opportunity for my career. I was just in Aiken doing the test, and I believe that Team USPA can help me get what I need."

Playing the US OPEN and joining TEAM USPA are two big steps in Grant's career. However, his sights are set higher: "I want to get the highest handicap I can! I want to play a high handicap tournament in Argentina, and one in England. I would love to be a patron one day, and to have the best mares available. Winning a Cup with my best friends would also be amazing, and winning everything with my family, too..."

Grant Ganzi has many dreams, and he has accomplished a few of them in 2018.

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"What I learned the most about was playing as a team and trusting my teammates"

Very few players in history get to play the US OPEN. The first experience in said competition is always special. Grant Ganzi talks about it:

"I'm very proud of my work and how our team played against DRF, which won the tournament. Playing with someone who is like a brother to me like Juancito Bollini was also a dream come true. I learned a lot from the best back in the world, Juan Martin Nero, and then again playing with Negro Novillo Astrada, whom I had already played often with, but still helped me on the field. I think that what I learned the most about was playing as a team and trusting my teammates, and that in return they would trust me. Playing more as a team helped us do better and be closer to each other, I think we improved with every passing match."

The Wellington season wasn't only about the US OPEN for Grant: "January and February could have been better. Playing the Ylvisaker with dad was fun, a different experience. I think I did well. I played a lot during January and February, but in March and April I played less overall to focus on the 26-goal and the 100,000, which really helped."

Grant's plans for the rest of the year are set: "I'll stay in Aspen, and then Grand Champions. I'll have a vacation in June, and then I'll be working for a month in Dallas. I'll end the year with snow polo in December and spend Christmas with my family."

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