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Step by Step

Timmy Dutta is slowly growing in the world of polo. Being the son of a respected player like Dutta Corp's patron, both want the same: “My biggest dream is play with my father in the U.S. Open," he told us. And he travels the path step by step, learning with each movement forward.

Timmy had the privilege of winning his first 20-goal title while playing the Iglehart Cup with Pilot. “When Curtis Pilot invited me to be part of the quartet with Facundo and Gonzalito Pieres, I felt it was an amazing opportunity. Playing with them I learned a lot about the mentality of the game, especially anticipating the plays and winning the inside of the field," said the 20 year old to CLICKPOLOUSA.

-What do you feel is the difference in playing at 12/16 Goal and 20 Goal?

"The main difference for me is that in 12/16 a player such as myself has to be with the ball as in the high goal I am with the man."

courtesy Sheryel Aschfort

“I wouldn’t be able to do it without my father”

- Who was your main teacher in the field? Which player do you admire most for your game or your attitude?

"I started play by riding a polo pony with Carlos Gracida which gave me the spark to start playing. I stick and balled for the first time with Ruben Gracida and my father before I started playing polo four years ago when I was a junior. Memo Gracida, Piki Díaz Alberdi and my father, I consider my teachers."

- What are your next steps in the 2018 season?

"I am playing the 20 Goal Sterling Cup at Grand Champions and then I will be playing with a father son team in May: Me and my dad plus Piki and Lucas Díaz Alberdi."

-What things do you like to do off the field?

"I live for polo but I go to school and work in my father’s company (Dutta Corp.)."

- What had been the most important tournament you won prior to this one?

"The 16 Goal Sterling Cup, two years ago, won with my father has to be my all-time favorite. It’s a pleasure to win with him. He is the one who got me playing the sport, I wouldn’t be able to do it without him."

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