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A Wild Wildcat

The second 10-goal tournament at the Sarasota Polo Club has a champion: After the 2018 USPA Constitution Cup was won by Hillcroft/Tito’s (James Miller, James P. Uihlein, Herndon Radcliff and Joe Wayne Barry), the 2018 Robert A Uihlein, Jr. Memorial had a new team on the podium.

The final was played last Sunday between Wildcat (Ryan Gilbertson, Wesley Bryan, Marcos Onetto and Del Walton) and Barefield (Mark Mulligan, Charly Quincoces, Nick Johnson and Stuart Campbell). Mulligan was also part of the Barefield team that ended up in second place of the first 10-goal tournament and, unfortunately, his luck repeated: Wildcat won 9-6.

Patron Ryan Gilberston was the Most Valuable Player, while Marcos Onetto’s mare Mani, was the Best Playing Pony.

The next 10-goal event will be the Scroeder Manatee Ranch Cup, played between Wednesday, February 28th and Sunday, March 11th.

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