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Antelope runs to the victory

The 2018 Carlton and Keleen Beal 12 Goal Tournament Final, celebrated last Sunday in California’s Eldorado Polo Club, turned out to be a rather one sided contest as Antelope (Geoff Palmer, Santiago Trotz, Jared Sheldon and Remy Du Celliee Muller) outscored Famers and Merchants Bank/RH Polo (Ben Soleimani, Mariano Fassetta, Santiago Von Wernich and Alonso Cruz –sub for injured Danny Walker).

Having to give up one goal at the start –based on handicap difference–, Antelope attacked first and closed the second chukka leading by three (6–3). After they tied on the third period, Palmer’s crew increased the lead by two goals when the fifth chukka ended (13–8). The scoring was even in the last chukka, totalizing a final count of 14–9.

After scoring eight goals, Trotz was the unanimous choice for the MVP and his mare Pepper was selected as the Best Playing Pony. “Santi is in charge of making the teams for Antelope. We played with this team last year in the 12 Goal and made four finals but only won two. I love Eldorado PC,” explained Jared Sheldon to CLICKPOLOUSA.

Two more celebrations

There were two more finals played last weekend at the Eldorado Polo Club: Antelope Junior team (Grant Palmer, Carolyn Anier, Patrick Uretz, Jimmy Wright), fresh off winning the Coachella Valley USPA Officer's Cup 8 Goal, now took the 2018 Carlton and Keleen Beal Cup 8 Goal Division after defeating their opponent Bush League (Virgil Kyle, Ryan Robertson, Ulysses Escapite and Shane Rice) by a close 11–10.

The 4 Goal division had Pheasant Hollow (Debra Vermoch, Reg Whyte, Tim Rudy and Felipe Sordelli) defeating Blazers (Pat Powell, Shannon Smull-Méndez, Kyle Fargey and Diego Cossio) 7-6 after a very thrilling final chukka.

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