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"Winning the Joe Barry is amazing"

Sterling Giannico won one of the most important 20 goal tournaments in Palm Beach with Tonkawa, and shares his happiness: "It is the most important tournament I've won," he told CLICKPOLOUSA.

We need more winners like Sterling

Sterling Giannico is a man polo in his blood. CLICKPOLOUSA interviewed him after he won the Joe Barry Cup with Tonkawa, and he shared his history with the sport, which started when he was young. At 24 years old, he has played in Santa Barbara, New York, Palm Beach and other places throughout the country, as well as Argentina.

Until only a few weeks ago, Sterling Giannico wasn't very well known in American polo. However, after winning the Joe Barry Cup, he's climbed a few steps at once in terms of acknowledgement in the polo world.

Sterling had the opportunity many dream of: the call from an important organization. This happens in every sport: there are many talented players who cannot progress with their careers because they lack the support of teams, organizations or sponsors.

American polo has many players like Sterling Giannico. Each week, through our magazine, we share information about all tournaments throughout the country. With many competitions in many different cities, its extremely likely there are many other players waiting for their chance, too...

It seems the best thing for the future is to give more opportunities for the young players to play high level polo. And to have more winners like Sterling...

"It is the most important tournament I've won"

Winning a 20 goal tournament in the States is not something just anyone can achieve. Even less so when said tournament is one as competitive as the Joe Barry Cup. This is why Sterling Giannico is certain, when he tells CLICKPOLOUSA that "This is the most important tournament I've won. It is one of the 20 goal competitions that every team in Palm Beach wants to win. Winning the Joe Barry is amazing." He was overcome with joy after he won the Joe Barry Cup with Tonkawa, playing with Jeff Hildebrand, Sapo Caset and Julián de Lusarreta.

Being 24 years old, Sterling talks about the most important achievements of his career. "I've lost a few Cups by very little, like the CV Whitney and the Pacific Coast Open, but I've also had a few good triumphs: the Iglehart 2014, which I played with Steve Lefkowitz, Hilario Ulloa and Matías Magrini; the Andrés Gazzotti, in Argentina; and the Tracey Mactaggart, a very important 12-Goal tournament in New York I won with Gringo Colombres and Nano Gracida."

Giannico's next tournament is the Ylvisaker cup, which he will play with the same team. "We're going to be playing two more 20 goal Cups with Tonkawa through February and March. For the Spring and Summer I have a few different offers, but I haven't confirmed anything yet. I'm going to wait so I make the best decision possible."

Sterling Giannico, a great champion of Palm Beach.

"I think American polo is doing a bit better"

Sterling Giannico has been involved with the sport ever since he was young. He shares that "I found this addictive sport via my dad, Alfonso Giannico. He is a fan of horses and was a groom to Daniel Gonzalez when he played the Open with Coronel Suarez II. Back in 1983, he traveled to the US with Daniel and ended up staying to work 28 years with the same patron: the famous Glen Holden. He slowly climbed the ranks and managed to earn a 5 goal handicap."

Having a well-known father has definitely helped Sterling. "He opened many doors, I owe a lot to my parents," he admits.

When asked about the current state of polo in the country, Sterling answered "I think American polo is doing a bit better than in previous years." He thinks that one of the measures decided by the new USPA was critical for the improvement. "I think that the decision the USPA made of lowering the 26 to 22 goals will help, along with some changes they made to the rules."

These are times of change for American Polo, but Sterling Giannico has hopes for a better future.

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