"It is positive to see cases like Doña Sofia's and their clones and to showcase them to our producers"

August 14, 2018

Sony Perdue, the American Secretary of Agriculture, participated in the Agriculture Ministry meeting of the G20 in Buenos Aires. During his stay, he also decided to visit a special agricultural location of the Buenos Aires province. Not any place, however: it was Doña Sofia, where they produce a very remarkable breed of Argentine polo horses, and where they work closely with technology and cloning.


“At Dona Sofia Polo ranch this afternoon, learned about the incredible genetic work they are doing with horses and cattle," tweeted Sonny Perdue about his visit, along with uploading a few pictures on the topic.

After indulging in a traditional Argentine asado, Perdue and his committee toured Doña Sofia, the venue with the most equine clones in the world, with Kheiron labs having produced 150 clones overall, with another 50 about to be born.


"Argentina did a fantastic job as the host of the G20, and the visit to Doña Sofia was very special. I looked at magnificent horses and cows. They have technologies we have very little of in the US, or that we just don't have. As the Secretary of Agriculture, it is very positive to see cases like Doña Sofia's and their clones and to showcase them to our producers," said Perdue.


"It is very motivating to see the technologies they have in Argentina and their interactions with American produces or partners. "I'm thinking about the interchange of genetics and technology that could happen with our country."



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