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“It is a dream come true”

It is not easy to win in polo. Winning any tournament is difficult. Winning one of the most important tournaments in the world is only given to a lucky few. However, Dillon Bacon managed just that: playing for Les Lions, he won the Queen's Cup in England after defeating Park Place in a great final.

“This is one of the best moments of my life. I have been trying to win the Queen's Cup ever since I came here with my father as a young kid, like every polo player does. You see this type of polo, the players, the horses, the field you are on, and you dream of one day being on the field and having the chance to win it. It is a dream come true,” said Dillon Bacon.

Dillon was chosen as the MVP of the final. His teammates were brothers Camilo and Barto Castagnola and another Argentine player, Santiago Laborde. It is probably the best team he has ever played with. “I always wished that I would be able to win this, that I would have the opportunity to do it, and this season everything has come together; the team, the horses, the teamwork, the chemistry...”

Dillon Bacon; one of the lucky few.

Photo by Alice Gipps


“The strong thing about our team is that we have 4 players”

Les Lions had lost the Prince of Wales Trophy's final against Park Place and the Gold Cup final against Next Generation. Dillon Bacon spoke about the season: “We had ups and downs, we made it to two of the finals, but in the Queens Cup final we had one thing to prove. We managed to win it in extra time, which we have done a lot throughout this season. A lot of extra time. It has been quite stressful on everyone, but it is like a dream come true.”

Regarding Les Lions' strengths, he mentioned after the Queen’s Cup victory: “I think that the strong thing about our team is that we have 4 players. We are always pushing and pushing. That system worked against the opposing team today. I think Park Place is the strongest organization in the UK. It is unbelievable to defeat them.”

However, the challenges do not stop there for Dillon Bacon. After a short rest, he will partake in the Open de France. “Next, after I recover my voice and a little celebration with the boys, I am going to France. I will be playing with Barto and Tommy Beresford for a good friend of mine, Arístide Faggionato. Then, a little bit more polo to go, and we will see. Maybe a Queen's Cup next year, we will see.”

Photo by Alice Gipps


What is in Dillon Bacon's mind

Two years ago, as we have mentioned, Dillon Bacon was featured on our cover. This were the most notable quotes back then. "Being half English and half American, I should have become a pro so I could have played in both countries with my passport, hahaha…"

"My father played polo but he picked it up late in life. I have been playing since I was 13 years old. I grew up playing in England at Guards Polo Club. I started playing in Long Island when I was 18. I also played at University, at Princeton. I have played in Spain, England, USA and Argentina.”

Photo by Alice Gipps

"I won both 20-goals in the Hamptons playing with Sebastián Merlos and Marcos and Tomás García del Río. That was definitely a highlight. And then playing in Sotogrande in 2014 in the 6-goal with the Huntsman team (Aristide Faggionato, Felipe Gómez and Iván Maldonado, all friends of mine) we won the Triple Crown, Bronze, Silver and Gold." "I have been playing with Gonzalo García del Río my entire life in America, the UK, and France. He is my polo manager and pro. And I love watching Pablo Mac Donough play and think it would be fun being in a team with him. He is a legend on the pitch and so talented. Maybe has not won as much as Facu Pieres and Adolfito Cambiaso but he is an amazing player to watch. In fact, I have bought my horses from him and their family organization in addition to the ones I get from Zacara and Ellerstina."


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