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Antelope, back to back

Two weeks ago, Antelope (Jared Sheldon, Remy Du Celliee Muller, Santiago Trotz and Geoff Palmer) won the 2018 Carlton and Keleen Beal 12 Goal, the first out of four 12-goal tournaments hosted by California's Eldorado Polo Club this season. They had a rough start in the second one, the Fish Creek USPA Constitution Cup, losing to Highwood (Ron Mathison, Marcelo Rodríguez Abbiati, Mariano Gutiérrez and Gerónimo Obregón) by a large margin.

The rematch couldn't have been better: on Sunday, February 25, both teams played against each other for the final. With Santi Trotz, later chosen as the MVP, leading the team, they managed to stay close throughout the match, equalize in the last chukker and then take the lead near the end, winning 7-6 with a great performance from Trotz, riding Pampeano in the last chukker. Later, that horse would be awarded BPP.

Quotes from Eldorado

Santiago Trotz (Antelope)

“It was a very tough match to win, very close, but we managed to equalize in the last chukker and then took it at the end. You couldn't tell who was going to win until the very end, which I imagine was fun for the audience.”

Jared Sheldon (Antelope)

It was very close match the entire time. We won at the end. We are happy getting two trophies in a row.”

Mariano Obregón

“It's a bit sad that we lost by one. We controlled most of the match, but failed at the end. I'm still content that the horses were good, which gives me hope for the March tournaments.”

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