Paint it Yellow

After having knocked out both regional finalists from last year, the Western and Central regions remained in the run to play the National Youth Tournament Series (NYTS) Championship Final for the Cecil Smith Cup on Sunday, September 2nd, at the Columbine Polo & Equestrian Center, in Littleton, Colorado. Western (Riley Jordan, Jake Klentner, Bayne Bossom and Charlie Walker in Luke Klentner’s place) began the match with a one-and-a-half goal advantage due to the handicap difference. Central (Cipriano Echezarreta, Grayson Price, Vaughn Miller Jr. and Will Walton) came out swinging, but the Reds regained the lead to end the half 3.5-2. Both teams played their strongest chukker after the half-tim

Everything comes in due time

A year ago, Klentner Ranch fell one step short of taking the main trophy of the West Coat: The Silver Air Pacific Coast Open Final. However, after an incredible double-overtime filled with thrills, Farmers & Merchants Bank took the title, leaving Justin Klentner and his team empty-handed. Things didn't look great when, in the semifinal, the patron and back of the team took a hit during the close 7-6 victory over Sol de Agosto, having to leave the field injured and being replaced by his son Luke (who was playing the USPA NYTS in Colorado), who joined Remy Du Celliee Muller, Mariano Obregón and Jesse Bray. Waiting for them in the final was Lucchese (John Muse, Carlos Ulloa, Facundo Obregón and

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