The Colorado Open

The Colorado Open Polo Championship, presented by J-5 Equestrian, returns to Denver after a successful inaugural tournament in 2017. The two week long competition takes place August 11-25 at the Valiente Polo Farm in Littleton. Returning is the world’s number 1 player, 10-goaler Adolfo Cambiaso, along with Diego Cavanagh (9), Guille Terrera (8) and other top pros from Argentina and the United States. Defending champion Valiente, Hawaii Polo Life and Colorado return this year with some exciting changes in the lineups. The twelve-year-old Poroto Cambiaso joins his father as a member of Valiente. Young pros Tommy Collingwood and Nano Gracida will play for Hawaii Polo Life this year, along with

"It's a huge compliment to our work thus far"

Daniel Sammartino, the owner of Doña Sofia, spoke about Sonny Perdue's visit, saying that "It was very important for us to have Secretary Perdue here, it was a huge compliment to our work thus far. It is an acknowledgement that we're doing something right, and I am very proud." About cloning and the work of Kheiron labs, Sammartino commented: "I always said that biotechnology found me rather than me finding it. When I stopped working in a business proper, I was shown a cloning project and it caught my eye very quickly. We founded a world-class cloning lab and, after a lot of work and effort, I can say that we are, nowadays, the most important horse cloning lab in the world because of our pro

"It is positive to see cases like Doña Sofia's and their clones and to showcase them to our

Sony Perdue, the American Secretary of Agriculture, participated in the Agriculture Ministry meeting of the G20 in Buenos Aires. During his stay, he also decided to visit a special agricultural location of the Buenos Aires province. Not any place, however: it was Doña Sofia, where they produce a very remarkable breed of Argentine polo horses, and where they work closely with technology and cloning. “At Dona Sofia Polo ranch this afternoon, learned about the incredible genetic work they are doing with horses and cattle," tweeted Sonny Perdue about his visit, along with uploading a few pictures on the topic. After indulging in a traditional Argentine asado, Perdue and his committee toured Doña

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