At the rhythm of Twin Palms

The USPA Rossemore Cup - Skins Tournament is the main event in the calendar of the Eldorado Polo Club and, unlike the previous three 12-Goal tournaments at the club, the first weekend of play was completely favourable to a single team: Twin Palms (Chris Maloney, Graham Bray, Mason Wroe and Patrick Uretz), who managed to defeat Cotterel Farms (Jenny Luttrell-Benardoni, Francisco Benardoni, Ruben Coscia and Juan Curbelo), the winner of the March League, last weekend, and this tournament last year- by 12-6 in the opening match, on Firday 16th, and then Farmers & Merchants Bank/RH Polo (Danny Walker, Ben Soleimani, Mariano Fassetta and Santiago Von Wernich) 10-7 only 48 hours later. Their last q

An invincible Pilot

The Iglehart Cup is the second last 20-goal tournament in the International Polo Club. The tournament named in honor of the Hall of Famer Phillip L.B. Iglehart had a very strong contender from beginning to end: Pilot, led by patron Curtis Pilot, with the talent of Gonzalito and Facundo Pieres and the support of a young Timmy Dutta. The final, played on Thursday March 15th, was against La Indiana (Michael Bickford, Toro Ruiz, Facundo Obregón and Jeff Hall), who they had already defeated 12-3 in the qualifying stage. The final, however, was much closer, with Pilot only leading 7-6 at half-time. In the following few minutes, the Piereses managed to show their solid game, taking a three goal lea

Step by Step

Timmy Dutta is slowly growing in the world of polo. Being the son of a respected player like Dutta Corp's patron, both want the same: “My biggest dream is play with my father in the U.S. Open," he told us. And he travels the path step by step, learning with each movement forward. Timmy had the privilege of winning his first 20-goal title while playing the Iglehart Cup with Pilot. “When Curtis Pilot invited me to be part of the quartet with Facundo and Gonzalito Pieres, I felt it was an amazing opportunity. Playing with them I learned a lot about the mentality of the game, especially anticipating the plays and winning the inside of the field," said the 20 year old to CLICKPOLOUSA. -What do y

Passion and Dedication

Column by Memo Gracida Yesterday, we heard the news about the passing of one of the last truly passionate and dedicated people in the sport of polo- Steve Orthwein, Sr. This loss will be felt all over the world, as Steve was such a wonderful and an important person in the sport of polo. Alongside his twin brother, Peter, Steve learned the game from their father, Adolphis. We often talked often about their experiences growing up: their experiences by themselves looking after their own horses, playing the game, loving the game, and participating in all of the tournaments all over the world. I played against Steve when I first came to the United States as a young professional player. He played

An unstoppable force

When two people are in love, nothing can stop them. That is the lesson to take from Cotterel Farms' victory at the March League of the Eldorado Polo Club. The team of married couple Jenny Luttrrell-Benardoni and Francisco Benardoni, along with Ruben Coscia and Juan Curbelo, had a rough start in the 12-goal tournament, losing their first two matches. A solid victory against Farmers & Merchants allowed them to qualify for a round-robin shoot-out against F&M and RH Polo, with the chance to play against the undefeated Highwood (Ron Mathison, Marcelo Rodríguez Abbiati, Gerónimo Obregon and Mariano Gutierrez) in the final as a reward. Their good accuracy allowed Cotterel Farms to move on to the fi

“It's a wonderful experience that I'm very honored and fortunate to have”

Bob Jornayvaz keeps racking up achievements in his polo career. He has now met another goal: winning the USPA Butler Handicap with a unique team, that had both Adolfo Cambiaso and Facundo Pieres. The top two players in the world, playing in the same shirt. “Playing with Facundo and Adolfo this year has been amazingly magical. I have spoken with Adolfo many times over the years about how he has made my polo life so wonderful, and to then get to play with Facundo, who is a true gentleman, a true professional, a wonderfully nice guy to have around the barn and he's just an incredible player as well. It's been more fun than you're allowed to have. The two of them together are, you find yourself

Ladies in Port Mayaca

The Tabebuia Women's is a tournament for teams up to 16 goals, with 4 teams participating at the Port Mayaca Polo Club. After the semifinals were held on Thursday 22, the Florida Club hosted the final on Saturday 25, between San Saba (Dawn Laurel Jones, Clarissa Echezarreta, Alison Poor and Rileigh Tibott) and Michelob/Crossfit El Cid (Nicole Watson, Malia Bryan, Cecelia Cochran and Tiffany Busch), with three out of the four girls having played with the all-American Santa María de Lobos that made it to the finals of the first Ladies' Argentine Open. The match was very close, with Michelob/Crossfit El Cid managing to have a small lead before the fourth and last chukker, but Dawn Jones managed

Antelope, back to back

Two weeks ago, Antelope (Jared Sheldon, Remy Du Celliee Muller, Santiago Trotz and Geoff Palmer) won the 2018 Carlton and Keleen Beal 12 Goal, the first out of four 12-goal tournaments hosted by California's Eldorado Polo Club this season. They had a rough start in the second one, the Fish Creek USPA Constitution Cup, losing to Highwood (Ron Mathison, Marcelo Rodríguez Abbiati, Mariano Gutiérrez and Gerónimo Obregón) by a large margin. The rematch couldn't have been better: on Sunday, February 25, both teams played against each other for the final. With Santi Trotz, later chosen as the MVP, leading the team, they managed to stay close throughout the match, equalize in the last chukker and th

"It's a huge mistake to lower the 26-goal cap on Cups"

Adolfo Cambiaso always speaks his mind. He just won the Ylvisaker Cup with Valiente, which is big news. However, he also will start playing the CV Whitney with Valiente, and with Facundo Pieres as teammate no less. It might be the last time this tournament is played at this level. Adolfito spoke with CLICKPOLOUSA about it, being clear with his thoughts: "The 26-goal Cups in the US should not be lowered, they are going to ruin all 20-goal tournaments. It's a huge mistake." Cambiaso spoke about what may happen in 2019. "Bob Jornayvaz and the Ganzi will still play 26-goal, in private leagues, and won't play in the Club anymore. They have decided that much. I like playing the 26-goal, personally

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