When the US Open moved to the West Coast

The U.S. Open was played for the first time back in 1904, in Van Cortlandt Park, in the New York City, and the champion was Wanderers (C. Randolph Snowden, John E Cowdin, Monte Waterbury y Lawrence Waterbury). For the last 25 years, it has been played in Florida and New York. To find the last time it was held in the West Coast, in California, we have to go back to 1993. That was the third time the Eldorado Polo Club hosted the U.S. Open in a span of six years. The first time had been in 1987, which made it the first time the tournament was played in California in 30 years (since Santa Barbara PC, 1966). The Aloha Team, with Bob Fell, Memo and Carlos Gracida and Warren Scherer, defeated Potro

A Wild Wildcat

The second 10-goal tournament at the Sarasota Polo Club has a champion: After the 2018 USPA Constitution Cup was won by Hillcroft/Tito’s (James Miller, James P. Uihlein, Herndon Radcliff and Joe Wayne Barry), the 2018 Robert A Uihlein, Jr. Memorial had a new team on the podium. The final was played last Sunday between Wildcat (Ryan Gilbertson, Wesley Bryan, Marcos Onetto and Del Walton) and Barefield (Mark Mulligan, Charly Quincoces, Nick Johnson and Stuart Campbell). Mulligan was also part of the Barefield team that ended up in second place of the first 10-goal tournament and, unfortunately, his luck repeated: Wildcat won 9-6. Patron Ryan Gilberston was the Most Valuable Player, while Marco

Poroto, the leader

With less than two minutes left, Argentina (Francisco Spinacci, Miguel Novillo Astrada Jr., Poroto Cambiaso and Santos Bollini) rallied from a two-goal deficit for a thrilling 4-3 overtime victory over PTF USA (Juanse Olivera, Kristos Magrini, Clark Mayer and Will Jacobs) last Saturday, winning the Polo Training Foundation (PTF) International Cup. Last year, Argentina defeated PTF USA, 6-2, in the final. Argentina was trailing PTF USA 3-1, when the 12 year old Cambiaso gripped his mallet and scored back-to-back goals to send the game into overtime. After a two-minute overtime period, the game came down to six rounds of shootout penalty shots between Cambiaso and Magrini, with Cambiaso scorin

Rubén "Patito" Gracida

Column by Memo Gracida We are so proud and excited to have the third member of the Gracida family, our dear cousin, “Ruby-Do”, being inducted into the Polo Hall of Fame. When we were young and starting to play polo in Mexico City, we never imagined that we would make it to the likes of all our childhood heroes in the sport. I remember when I was eight-years-old and Ruben was 14, we played 2 on 2 indoor polo with twin brothers: Salvador and Antonio Solorzano. The chukkers were one hour long, and they occurred while our fathers played their games. It was so much fun, and while we endlessly competed, the four of us always left the arena as friends. We would meet our fathers and uncles back at t

Antelope runs to the victory

The 2018 Carlton and Keleen Beal 12 Goal Tournament Final, celebrated last Sunday in California’s Eldorado Polo Club, turned out to be a rather one sided contest as Antelope (Geoff Palmer, Santiago Trotz, Jared Sheldon and Remy Du Celliee Muller) outscored Famers and Merchants Bank/RH Polo (Ben Soleimani, Mariano Fassetta, Santiago Von Wernich and Alonso Cruz –sub for injured Danny Walker). Having to give up one goal at the start –based on handicap difference–, Antelope attacked first and closed the second chukka leading by three (6–3). After they tied on the third period, Palmer’s crew increased the lead by two goals when the fifth chukka ended (13–8). The scoring was even in the last chukk

“I think that we have a great chance to make a final”

Kris Kampsen knows what it is like to go through tough times. He's been a fan of polo since he was young. With the help of his father Edward (co-founder of the Tampa Bay Polo Club), he started playing when he was young and decided to be a professional at 15 years of age. However, an accident on a mountain bike in 2015 in Colorado broke his T-2 Vertebrae and gave him a neck injury, which put his career in the sport at risk. However, he did not give up and powered through the rehabilitation, making a comeback to the high goal polo in Wellington. The 36 year old, married to Alexandra and father to 15 month old Rowan, has been essential for Postage Stamp Farm to remain undefeated in the Ylvisake

The Birth Of A Genius

Memo Gracida in CLICKPOLOUSA! After reading that Adolfo Cambiaso is back in the US for the 2018 season, I was reminded of the first time I saw him. It was 1991 and I was in Palm Beach playing for Diable Bleus in the prestigious Gold Cup. It was the heyday of polo and Palm Beach Polo and Country Club was booming with around 20 teams entering this tournament. Our team had a practice at my former property, La Herradura, in Wellington. At that point in time, I was completely focused on being the best, having the best organization, and winning as many tournaments as I could, so very few things could me to get out of my driven routine. That was the case of our team practice that day until I saw a

Final for the final

Patagones delivered a great final chukker, defeating Altair 10-8 and winning the Aspen Valley Cup 8-Goal, repeating last season’s success. The final, played at the Patagones Polo Club of Florida last Friday February 2nd, was really close. The teams had already played each other in the first round, and Altair (Ashley Busch, Kristos Magrini, Henry Porter and Brandon Phillips) had defeated Patagones (Santiago Avendaño, Lorenzo Merlotti, Benjamín Avendaño and Robi Bilbao) by a single goal. The match was thrilling, with the lead changing eight times in just the first half alone, until Altair managed to take a 6-4 lead. In the second half, Bilbao's game got better and the Avedaño brothers supporte

An interview with Nick Manifold

"I don't have a lot of time left as a player, but I'll always be involved in the sport" "I'm very happy. Winning at this stage of my career is fantastic, it's hard to imagine winning a Cup at my age, but I had a great team. Winning this Cup is second nature to Gringo Colombres, Nico Escobar is a very promising young player who I expect to have an amazing career and Dr. Scott Swerdlin is great, I had already won this Cup with him in 2013, with Gringo and Alessandro Bazzoni." Having a lot of experience in both American and worldwide polo, Nick says Palm Beach Equine, an organization that keeps growing, has started to have a presence in Argentina. "Palm Beach Equine has been in Florida for a lo

The owners of the snow

For the third season in a row, the Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz has its same Champion. The duo of Italian patron Rommy Gianni and Argentine Dario Musso have earned their hat-trick of titles for this special tournament, in Switzerland’s Grisons. Back in 2016, Gianni and Musso played with Luciano Vazquez and Frankie Menendez in Team Maserati. In 2017, now renamed to Team Cartier, they were joined by the British Charlie Wooldridge and Chris Hyde. They retained Hyde this season, given he's an expert in reduced-field polo, and added Juan Cruz Greguoli. Even with the replacement, the team remained strong. Vying for the title of this tournament, originally created by Reto Gaudenzi, and now in its

"Winning the Joe Barry is amazing"

Sterling Giannico won one of the most important 20 goal tournaments in Palm Beach with Tonkawa, and shares his happiness: "It is the most important tournament I've won," he told CLICKPOLOUSA. We need more winners like Sterling Sterling Giannico is a man polo in his blood. CLICKPOLOUSA interviewed him after he won the Joe Barry Cup with Tonkawa, and he shared his history with the sport, which started when he was young. At 24 years old, he has played in Santa Barbara, New York, Palm Beach and other places throughout the country, as well as Argentina. Until only a few weeks ago, Sterling Giannico wasn't very well known in American polo. However, after winning the Joe Barry Cup, he's climbed a f

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